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This test is to gauge your mental flexibility and creativity.  In the three years since it has been developed, it has been found that few people can solve more than half on the first day.  Many reported getting the answers long after the test had been set aside, at unexpected moments when their minds were relaxed, and some reported solving it over a period of several days.

Example: 16 = O in a P             Answer: 16 Ounces in a Pound

26 = L of the A

26 Letters of the Alphabet

7 = D of the W

7 Days of the Week

1001 = A N

1001 Arabian Knights

12 = S of the Z

12 Signs of the Zodiac

54 = C in a D (with J)

54 Cards in a Deck (with Jokers)

9 = P in the S S

9 Planets in the Solar System

88 = P K

88 Piano Keys

13 = S of the A F

13 Stripes on the American Flag

32 = D at which W F

32 Degrees at which Water Freezes

18 = H on a G C

18 Holes on a Golf Course

90 = D in a R A

90 Degrees in a Right Angle

8 = S on a S S

8 Sides on a Stop Sign

3 = B M (S H T R)

3 Blind Mice See How They Run

4 = Q in a G

4 Quarters in a Game, 4 Quarts in a Gallon

24 = H in a D

24 Hours in a Day

1 = W on a U

1 Wheel on a Unicycle

5 = D in a Z C

5 Days in a Zodiac Calendar

57 = H V

57 Heiz Veriety

11 = P on a F B T

11 Players on a Football Team

1000 = W that a P is W

1000 Ways that a Person is Wise

29 = D in F in a L Y

29 Days in February in a Leap Year

64 = S on a C B

64 Squares on a Checker Board

40 = D & N of the G F

40 Days and Nights of the Great Flood

76 = T in the B P

76 Trombones in the Big Band

50 = W to L Y L

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

99 = B of B on the W

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

60 = S in a M

60 Seconds in a Minute

1 = H on a U

1 Horn on a Unicorn

9 = J on the S C

9 justices on the Supreme Court

7 = B for S B

7 Brides for seven Brothers

21 = D on a D

21 Dots on a Dye

7 = W of the A W

7 Wonders of the Ancient World


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